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Valuable tips, exciting insights, profound knowledge and sensual ideas for your romantic moments. In our MISTER SIZE blog, you will discover lots of new ideas that can take your love life to the next level. Take the time to browse and enjoy our articles. We also welcome you to write to us. Feel free to ask us any questions and share which topics are particularly important to you. We promise to fully respect your opinions and requests and will naturally respond promptly.

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Condoms in the relationship

Condoms in a relationship - lust killer or must-have?

Condoms are considered to be pleasure killers - especially in a committed relationship. But, is this really the truth? And when do condoms make sex even better?

Our tips about condoms

Sex vs. Corona - 7 tips against lockdown boredom

Corona lockdown can be nice and all, but what if it should get a little heated? Level up your love life with these 7 sex tips.

Sex knowledge about condoms

10 good reasons for great sex (best here & now)

Sex is great! Even without any reason. But if you still want a little motivational boost, check out our 10 reasons for great sex right now.

Sex knowledge about condoms

Do more of it - with sex fantasies in personal imagination

Do you want more swing in bed or do you want to let your fantasies run free? Then turn on your imagination!

Our tips about condoms

One like no one - what the different penis shapes are all about

Every penis is different. But what forms are there actually? And what do they say about the man? Here you can find out everything you need to know.

Sex knowledge about condoms

Do people have less sex today?

Studies have shown that young people have less sex today than they used to. Why is that? And what can I do myself to change that?

Our tips about condoms

Putting on a condom correctly: How to get it right first time and the biggest mistakes

Do you want to do everything right the first time? Or see how putting the condom on is even easier? Check out our quick guide with cool tips.

Condoms in the relationship

Friends with benefits, mingles, open relationship & polygamy - what's the deal with modern…

Generation unable to relate? Why else friends with benefits, open relationships and polyamory? Or is it useful? Here you can find information and tips.

Our tips about condoms

No matter how big or small - I love my penis

Body positivity is a great thing for men as well. No more worrying and comparing, just love your penis. You have every reason to do so. Find out why here.

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Our tips about condoms

Condoms and lubricants – How to find the best for you

Is the lubricant always on-hand for when things get cuddly? If not, it better be! How this slippery aid can give your sex life a nice little boost.

Sex knowledge about condoms

Good sex does not have to be perfect

Sex is a wonderful thing - if not the most beautiful thing in the world. It gives us a little break from everyday life and we can completely sink into cozy feelings for a few moments. Good sex brings us a little closer to the person with whom we…

Condoms in the relationship

The Pill - Really the Right Way to Equal Rights in Sex?

The pill once promised self-determination - unfortunately with considerable side effects. How you can use contraception on an equal footing and enjoy great sex.

Mister Size - This condom fits you!

We carefully listened and incorporated lots of feedback and suggestions from different people and have now gone one step further. We have greatly improved the fit of our condoms and were also able to reduce the thickness to 0.05 mm. With MISTER SIZE, there is only a very thin layer of latex between you during sex. A layer that no longer separates you, but instead unites you with the feeling of safety and the most beautiful thing in the world. Enjoy these benefits!


Would you like to know more about us? Here you can find out what really makes our brand special, our basic principles and what we believe in.


You can find out how to determine your condom size here.


No, almost no contraceptive is 100% safe. The safety of contraceptive methods is calculated according to the Pearl Index. Condoms have a Pearl Index of 2-12, which means that out of 100 women who use condoms for a year, 2 to 12 will become pregnant. Compared to other contraceptives, the condom scores rather poorly. In most cases, this is due to application errors. You can find out more about correct use here. However, when it comes to protection against STIs such as HIV, syphilis, gonorrhoea, hepatitis B and hepatitis C, a condom offers a high level of protection.


Condoms are usually made of rubber-like materials, the vast majority of which are made of latex. They are used during sex to protect against unwanted pregnancies and STIs and are pulled over the erect penis before sexual intercourse. Apart from sterilisation, the condom is the only means of contraception for men.


Condoms per se have no side effects. However, if you have a latex allergy, they can trigger an allergic reaction. About 2 % of people suffer from a latex allergy. Therefore, there are also latex-free condoms.


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