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The 12 best flirting tips for summer

Summer is the best time to flirt. The days are longer, the nights are shorter and people are generally more relaxed and excited. So if you're looking to flirt, you've come to the right place. In this article, we're going to share with you the 12 best flirting tips for summer. With these tips, you are guaranteed to succeed and have a lot of fun.

Whether single or in a committed partnership

Our flirting tips for the summer may seem at first glance mainly interesting for singles who are looking for a new acquaintance, but couples can also benefit from it. With some tips, your partner will certainly be happy if you apply them and flirt a bit with him, which keeps your relationship fresh and exciting:

  1. The right clothes: Dress summery and casual, but make sure not to be too revealing.
  2. Smile and eye contact: Smile a lot and maintain eye contact when talking to someone.
  3. Body language: pay attention to your body language and try to appear open and friendly. Show how much you enjoy the summer.
  4. Conversation: keep the conversation lively and interesting, but avoid talking too much about yourself or only talking about yourself.
  5. Show interest: Show interest in the other person and ask them about their hobbies and interests.
  6. Compliments: Compliment the other person, but be careful not to overdo it.
  7. Humor: Be funny and try to make the other person laugh.
  8. Try something new: You've always wanted to take a quad tour or try a new sport? Trying new things like sports or action events are a great way to make new acquaintances! Opportunities for a little flirting can often be found quite easily here.
  9. Stay true to yourself: It's important that you always stay yourself and don't pretend. Nobody likes braggarts or liars. Be honest and authentic, then with the right counterpart usually results in a good conversation all by itself.
  10. Remain in memory: Introduce yourself with your name, so you create a form of closeness and trust and are not just anyone. Also, you may be remembered and more will result.
  11. Eyes on: Take advantage of the summer and keep your eyes open on the road and meet new interesting people for a flirt. Try to make contact only with your eyes, because often a deep look followed by a smile is enough to attract attention. In doing so, studies have shown that you should hold eye contact for at least 2 seconds so that your counterpart can understand your intentions.
  12. Don't lose heart: Even if things don't work out, don't lose heart. Flirting is a game and it does not have to become the great love. Not every attempt will be a direct hit. So don't let it spoil your good mood and enjoy the summer.

With our tips, you're sure to get through the flirting summer quite easily. But always remember: If you want to deepen an acquaintance, then always pay attention to your safety and always remember to have the right condoms with you.

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