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"With the right size, I finally have more self-confidence in bed. Thank you, Mister Size." - Fabio M. - 29 years old

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Would you like to test MISTER SIZE? Or do you need to replenish your condom stocks after enjoying quite a few pleasurable hours with your partner? Why not place an order for your MISTER SIZE condoms at one of our online shops so you’re prepared for your next bit of rumpy-pumpy?


Still looking for your size?

Determine your individual condom size now with our immediately available measuring tape!

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Our test packs for product testers

We have developed three versions of our 3-pack test packs for you to easily determine your condom size - Slim for the narrower penis, Medium for an averagely wide penis and Wide for all men with an especially wide penis. The MISTER SIZE 3-pack test kits are only available in selected shops:

Purchase condoms online and save - promotions and larger orders

Check our website often to not only learn about competitions and events, but also to get great discounts and promotions that are running from time to time. Find fab bargains that will allow you to stock up for the next weeks or months.

Make savings too by placing orders for our advantage packs. If you really know your condom size, there's nothing wrong with having backup for the future.