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Determine the right condom size in 4 simple steps

With the right condom size, sex is not only much more fun, but you are also much better protected against unwanted pregnancies and STIs.

In addition, condoms in the perfect size can be unrolled faster and easier.

To help you find the right condom size for you, you'll find various measuring instructions, a table with all common condom sizes and lots of other helpful information below.

Why the right condom size is so important

Imagine you want to run a marathon in clown shoes. Doesn't sound like a very good idea, does it? The same principle applies to condoms.

If you want to use condoms that are too big, you'll have the problem that the condom will slip off easily, making it easier for unwanted pregnancies to occur. Also, a condom that is too big will offer little protection against STDs.

If you want to use a condom that is too small, you will have trouble unrolling it and it will feel very uncomfortable. Also, you will feel less and may even lose your erection more easily because the blood flow will not work properly.

That's why it's so important to choose the right condom size, because only then you and your partner will be optimally protected against diseases and pregnancies.

Calculate condom size - What size do I have?

Determining the right condom size for you is easier and faster than you might think. Apart from an erection, you only need a tool with which you can measure the circumference or diameter of the penis.

This can be a tape measure, a ruler, a set square, a folding rule or a special tool like the Condom Sizer.

The length of your penis does not matter when choosing the perfect condom size. As long as the condom has the right width, you are safe.

Below you will find the instructions on how to determine your condom size with each of these tools.

Measuring condom size with a tape measure

To measure the correct condom size with the tape measure, do the following:

  1. Create and hold an erection
  2. Find the thickest part of the shaft (the part between the testicles and the glans) of your penis.
  3. Wrap the tape measure around this area until it fits snugly.
  4. Read the circumference on the tape measure

Once you have determined the circumference of your penis, you can read below in the table which condom size is suitable for you.

Find out condom size with a ruler

To use a ruler to find out what size condom you have, here's what you need to do:

  1. Create and hold an erection
  2. Find the thickest part of the penis shaft (the part between the testicles and the glans) of your penis.
  3. Place the ruler at this point under the penis (0 at the outer end)
  4. Read the diameter of the penis on the ruler

When you are done measuring, you can check the table below to see which condom size is right for you. Alternatively, you can still convert the diameter into the penis circumference with the following formula.

Formula to calculate condom size

If you know the diameter of your penis, you can use this simple formula to calculate the penis circumference and thus the condom size:

Penis diameter (penis width) in cm x 3.14 = penis circumference in cm.

Example: Your penis has a diameter of 3.6 cm, if you multiply this by 3.14, you get a penis circumference of 11.3 cm, which corresponds to a condom size of 53.

Determine condom size with the Condom Sizer

A measuring device like the Condom Sizer makes it even easier for you to choose the right condom size.

  1. Create and maintain erection
  2. Find the thickest part of the shaft (the part between the testicles and the glans) of your penis.
  3. Place the Condom Sizer on this spot and push it closed
  4. Read the condom size

It doesn't get much easier to find out the right condom size without a tape measure or ruler.

Condom size chart - Find the right size

If you know the diameter or circumference of your penis, you can quickly read off the correct condom size in this table and find out which one you have:

For penis girth

For penis diameter

Condom size 47

less than 10 cm

less than 3.18 cm

Condom size 49

10 - 10,5 cm

3,18 - 3,34 cm

Condom size 53

10,5 - 12 cm

3,34 - 3,82 cm

Condom size 57

12,0 - 13,5 cm

3,82 - 4,3 cm

Condom size 60

13,5 - 14,5 cm

4,3 - 4,62 cm

Condom size 64

14,5 - 15,5 cm

4,62 - 4,93 cm

Condom size 69

larger than 15,5 cm

bigger than 4,93 cm

Other condom sizes

In addition to our 7 condom sizes from 47 to 69, other manufacturers also offer other condom sizes such as condom size 52, 54, 55 or 56 in the medium range or especially small condoms in size 45 or especially large condoms in size 72. As you can see from the table above, but also from the penis diameter, the gradations in our 7 sizes are already very fine and further sizes do not result in any major advantages other than higher costs in production and thus also higher prices for the condoms. With shoes it is similar, this is as if there would be two sizes between size 44 and 45, because the distance between the shoe sizes is also several mm and not only 1 to 2 mm. In addition, unlike shoes, condoms are also always somewhat stretchy due to the production of latex without being directly too tight.

Condom size calculator

As an alternative to the table, you can also find out your condom size with the help of a condom size calculator.

You can find a very good condom size calculator on this page:

How to tell if you have found the right condom size

Once you have ordered condoms in the right condom size, you can try them out to see if they fit you properly.

You can tell that you have the right condom size when the condom rolls off easily. It fits your penis tightly and encloses it like a second skin without being uncomfortable.

The wrong condom size can be recognized by the fact that the condom is difficult to unroll, it slips or pinches and simply feels bad and insecure.

Average condom size in Germany - What size is normal?

Most men in Germany use condom size 52 or 53 for contraception.

However, if you are below or above this size, it doesn't automatically mean you are abnormal. Having a larger penis is also not automatically better than having a smaller one.

What size is "right" always depends on what your:partner:in prefers and how much space he or she has.

What penis size is normal and some tips to love your penis the way it is, you can find in our article.

Conclusion - Determine the right condom size

Determining the right condom size is quick, easy, and can help you enjoy sex more, as well as keep you safe from STDs.

Therefore, it is best to take your measuring tape or ruler to determine your penis circumference or diameter. Then you can read your condom size in the table and buy suitable condoms.

If you don't have a measuring tape or ruler, you can download our free measuring tape now to determine your condom size.


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