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Sex knowledge about condoms

Sex and condoms belong together - find out everything worth knowing and interesting about the topic of sexuality.

Internationale Flaggen
Sex knowledge about condoms

Contraception in other countries - condom, pill, etc. worldwide

How does contraception work in other countries? Are condoms and the pill also popular contraceptive methods worldwide?

Thermometer zeigt die aktuelle Temperatur an
Sex knowledge about condoms

Are there temperatures that are dangerous for condoms?

How do condoms tolerate heat and cold? What happens if condoms have been stored too hot in summer or too cold in winter? Find out all the details here.

Mann mit vielen Piercings im Ohr
Sex knowledge about condoms

Intimate piercing and safe sex with condoms - is that possible?

Find out what you need to know in order to be able to use contraception safely and always have the best possible protection.

Paar beim intimen Liebesspiel
Sex knowledge about condoms

How much sex is actually normal?

From daily nookie to sex only once a month - we have the answer!

Mister Size Kondome in verschiedenen Größen
Sex knowledge about condoms

Condoms and condom sizes: ALL your questions answered

EVERYTHING you could ask about condoms and condom sizes is answered in this post. Click now to read more.

7 verschiedene Kondomgrößen von Mister Size an Wäscheleine
Sex knowledge about condoms

Determine the right condom size in 4 simple steps

Using the right condom size is important for good protection. Here you can find out how to determine the right size in 4 easy steps.

Sex knowledge about condoms

10 good reasons for great sex (best here & now)

Sex is great! Even without any reason. But if you still want a little motivational boost, check out our 10 reasons for great sex right now.

Sex knowledge about condoms

Do more of it - with sex fantasies in personal imagination

Do you want more swing in bed or do you want to let your fantasies run free? Then turn on your imagination!

Sex knowledge about condoms

Do people have less sex today?

Studies have shown that young people have less sex today than they used to. Why is that? And what can I do myself to change that?

Sex knowledge about condoms

Good sex does not have to be perfect

Sex is a wonderful thing - if not the most beautiful thing in the world. It gives us a little break from everyday life and we can completely sink into cozy feelings for a few moments. Good sex brings us a little closer to the person with whom we…