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My condom is Mister Size

Condom users who have already tried several condoms write to us again and again that they have found their condom in MISTER SIZE. Of course, we are happy about this and therefore we wanted to know exactly and let others know about their experiences with MISTER SIZE: So we started the campaign "My condom is MISTER SIZE".

MISTER SIZE users were able to write to us about their experiences with MISTER SIZE and received a 36 pack of MISTER SIZE in return.

Here are the results and feedbacks of the testers:

We have been together for years and do not want children. My girlfriend is very health-conscious and a convinced vegan. So far we had the issue that condoms sit rather loose with me. That's why neither of us could really let go, because we were always slightly worried that the condom would slip off or that sperm would leak out. Orgasm together? Really difficult.....! My girlfriend saw MISTER SIZE at the Müller drugstore and immediately brought along this TEST SET. With size 49 we both feel really comfortable now, nothing slips. That makes us feel really good. Mister Size is therefore not only my condom but really our condom.

Andreas, 38

One of my favorite influencers, who is a mom herself, had introduced MISTER SIZE. I find condoms for us super, because we still want a child but just not yet. Only my darling unfortunately has erection problems with condoms, which is then just no fun. We then tried MISTER SIZE in his size. It really makes a difference. Without a condom is still the best but MISTER SIZE is definitely a good solution. Since there is hardly any choice in its size, MISTER SIZE is not only my condom but our condom.

Celina, 31

My relationships usually don't last very long. I also have enormous side effects when I take the pill. Condoms are therefore the right contraceptive for me. Unfortunately, I had to hear from men again and again that they don't want to use condoms because they cut off the blood and then they can't keep the erection and that's actually true.... Then I was recommended MISTER SIZE by a friend. And indeed, if the condoms fit, condom yes or no is much less of an issue. In addition, they are still really nice feeling! I always have several sizes with me just in case. That's why MISTER SIZE is my condom.

Sandra, 32

I've been happily single for 2 years and in permanent dating mode, but condoms from Durex and Ritex have not fit so well and have often killed the vibe during sex, because the feeling was not there. As soon as a woman insisted that we use a condom I was rather deterred and that was nen slight Abturn. Then I discovered on Lovoo the advertising of Mister Size and ordered a trial package in the largest size and the size 64 has fit perfectly. Since then, it is no longer an issue for me to use a condom and it is not important for me with or without, because both work great and are emotionally intense. For me it no longer goes without Mister Size, even if it is contraceptive, I now still play it safe without having to give up the intense feeling.

Ben, 29

My condom is MISTER SIZE! That's true for you too? Then write us your detailed experience with the consent to publish it here and we will send you a 36 pack in your size as a thank you.

Mister Size
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