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Mister Size in Italian pharmacies

You can get your Mister Size condoms now also in first pharmacies in Italy, for this we have won a first Italian pharmacy wholesaler. With our pharmacy wholesaler, Mister Size condoms are now much easier and faster available for many pharmacies in Italy and thus come much faster to you as a condom user.

Our first pharmacy in Italy

Long before we won the first pharmacy wholesaler in Italy, a first pharmacy in Bruneck in South Tyrol had our Mister Size condoms in their assortment. So the pharmacy of Zieglauer Farmacia is quasi our lighthouse in the Italian pharmacy market, from where now also your suitable condom size spreads more and more to you locally in Italy and becomes quickly and easily available for you.

Further information for end customers

You want to buy Mister Size in your local pharmacy? In addition to many pharmacies in Germany, this is now also possible in Italy. Just ask in your pharmacy, either your condoms are already available on site, or your pharmacist can order them for you. You can also refer him to us if you have any questions, or give a hint to our website.

Information for pharmacists

If you are a pharmacist and would like to add our condoms to your assortment, we have put together a special page for you with all the information, sources of supply and marketing material. If you have any questions, you can either contact our pharmacy wholesaler, or you can always contact us directly.

Contact for pharmacy distribution in Italy:
Via Giotto-Str. 23
39100 Bozen - Bolzano (Italy)

Phone: 0039-0471-913317
Fax: 0039-0471-915054
E-mail: info(at)roesslerpharma(dot)it

Mister Size
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