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One like none - what is it about the different penis shapes?

Every man is different. This shows not only in public, but also in bed. Namely, when the clothes fall and the man reveals how his best piece is built. Or in other words, what shape his penis has. Because some people believe that by judging a man's penis you can read not only the behavior during sex, but also draw conclusions about the character. So let's talk turkey: Is this really true? And what penis shapes are there anyway?

What penis shapes are there? And what do they mean?

What the exact different penis shapes are called always depends a bit on who you ask. The Belgian psychologist and sex researcher Goedele Liekens distinguishes in her "Penis Book" mainly between four forms - and has directly a concrete idea of what type of man is hidden behind them:

Small but smart: The "arrow" - also called "lockpick"

Liekens refers to a penis that is rather small and thinly built and equipped with firm, smooth testicles as an "arrow". By others, this form is also called "lockpick", which actually fits much better. This is because the smaller size may not have the wow effect that a large penis does, but it does offer some nice possibilities during sex.

The man behind this penis shape is considered to be a good lover - among other things, because with a smaller private part you probably put more effort in and are more willing to experiment to make your partner really happy. In addition, men with an "arrow" are said to be sensitive and good listeners.

Perfect for bed: the "spear" or "drill"

Men armed with a spear make a good impression with a long, well-proportioned penis and tight testicles alone visually and rather rarely arouse the feeling: "But he could be longer ..." Often the spear has a curvature to the left or right - but he knows how to use it skillfully.

So ideal for bed, but for the long-term relationship, the "spear" or "drill" is considered conceivably unsuitable. Because of his equipment he has an easy game - and so it is rather difficult for him to commit and then also to remain faithful. Which is a pity, because otherwise it is the perfect companion for everything that is fun.

Big and persistent: the club

The "club" is the penis shape with the wow effect, because it is much longer and thicker than all the others. Its bearer is considered to be extremely persistent and likes to have the upper hand - both in bed and in the relationship in general. In return, he is a faithful companion, can take good care of the house and is even said to be a good dancer. However, the size of the privates has one disadvantage: the man needs to be much more careful with it, so that pleasure does not turn into pain. This is especially true for anal sex.

Lucky grip for something firm: The millstone

The "millstone" or "anvil" is still a good bit thicker than the club, but much shorter and supported by rather large testicles. The man behind it is supposed to be an absolute godsend for long-term relationships and marriage - because he puts the family in the center and takes care of his loved ones. This also applies to bed, where he is considered a very attentive and creative lover. So the perfect choice for a down-to-earth life.

What if a penis looks different?

Of course, these four penis shapes are only one way to describe the best piece in all its variations. And they are also not enough to adequately describe the variety beyond the waistline. Or to put it another way, you can't just a penis in a box (because that would hurt). But there are still two basic characteristics that men themselves think about more often:

Which is better - straight or curved?

For some, the best part is directed straight towards the partner, for others, there can be a left or right curve. If your penis is bending, please don't think of it metaphorically and don't worry - about half of all men have a penis that bends to the side. So this is perfectly normal and can even be quite practical: Because with the right position, the curvature is perfect for getting to the G-spot. So just try it out a bit and enjoy the good feeling!

By the way, the curvature has a very simple reason: In the penis run three large erectile tissues, which are pumped full of blood when "getting hard". Often they are simply not the same length, so the penis is pulled back on the shortest side and therefore bends in one direction.

Circumcised or uncircumcised?

Whether someone is circumcised or uncircumcised is usually decided by their parents - for example, for religious reasons. You yourself usually have no influence on it. Of course, circumcision is still possible in adulthood, but is said to be quite uncomfortable and is simply not necessary. (Those who have seen "Shameless" will probably remember what Carl had to go through ...).

Many women are rather indifferent whether the penis is circumcised - as long as the body hygiene is right and the man also washes under the foreskin. Otherwise, the circumcised penis is considered more insensitive - although there are also contrary experiences. And with the uncircumcised penis, you should pull back the foreskin before putting on a condom. Otherwise, it's just the way it is. No need to worry about it too much.

And now let's talk facts: does the shape of the penis really make that much of a difference?

Of course it makes a difference how a penis is shaped - but shape and size do not determine how good or bad our sex is. Also, the penis shape probably doesn't say much about character - unless the man is strongly controlled by self-doubt or cockiness, which would be quite a shame. So don't let it influence you too much. As long as you get along well and make each other happy during sex, any penis shape is perfect.

As a man, you should just be the guy you want to be - and get the best out of your penis shape with a little creativity. If you should have any doubts, just be aware: We can't choose our body - and complaining or doubting doesn't help at all, but at best puts our strengths in the shade. That's why we should rather appreciate what we are given and then get the optimum out of it. It is perfectly okay and important to be able to say: I love my penis! Because with the right attitude, you can be a good lover with any shape and size.

Therefore, the tip to the partners: Do not give too much weight to the size and shape and enjoy the penis, however it may be. If it should be something different, there is a great selection of suitable playmates made of silicone. So be creative, whether with man or toy - it's worth it!

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