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Condoms instead of toilet paper

Germans only hoard toilet paper and noodles?

Not true, say we at Mister Size, condoms are also seeing an increase in sales of almost 40 percent.

First it was just a little note, then a running gag that went viral online: French people - it was said - hoard condoms in times of the Corona pandemic, while Germans hoard toilet paper. The fact that all of Europe subsequently laughed at the bores between the Alps and the North Sea is something we at Mister Size cannot understand. Our figures, especially from our partner store, say something completely different and are suitable for restoring the national pride of the Germans: Since they are encouraged to work in the home office and stay at home, the sale of condoms is continuously increasing. After two weeks of home isolation, we have an increase in orders of around 40 percent. We are convinced: "When it comes to our desire for sex, we Germans are better than our reputation."

Even in the crisis, Germans have a desire for sex

We can't complain about a lack of interest in our products even in "normal" times. Germans have just as much sexual desire as other nationalities.

Our founder Jan Vinzenz Krause knows what he is talking about, he looks back on decades of experience. After Jan Vinzenz Krause, then 17 years old, distributed condoms during the election campaign for Rudolf Scharping in 1994, which he found to be an imposition after a test, he asked himself why condoms actually fit so badly and thus spoil the pleasure of their wearer. So he first did an internship at the manufacturer of the Billy Boy condoms, which are known throughout Germany, and then programmed the world's first online condom advisor together with his brother. "I wanted to share the knowledge I had acquired in this field. Men looking for a custom-fit condom were excited. So the next idea came to us." From his nursery in Bonn, he started an online store for condoms, enlisting the whole family in the ever-growing contraceptive business.

In search of the perfect condom

Today, a quarter of a century later, the nursery has grown into a medium-sized company with the Vinergy group of companies. We are still concerned with the perfect condom, one that fits. And one that therefore feels extremely good and is fun to wear. With Mister Size, we have achieved that goal. We have just reordered several million condoms from our producer in Malaysia. In the second week of the Corona contact ban alone - with more time for togetherness at home - our partner store sent several thousand shipments to private customers, not counting the shipments to retailers throughout Europe who sell the condoms in their online stores. In times of Corona, we even hired more employees to cope with the ever-increasing demand. "Of course, the protection of our employees is close to our hearts, so we have taken appropriate measures to protect them from contracting the virus."

And what do Germans do with the condoms they order online? Surely they use them faster and with more pleasure than the stockpiles of toilet paper.

Mister Size
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