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How much sex is actually normal?

From daily nuptials to having sex only once a month - we have the answer!

The frequency of sex decreases with age

Scientists at the Kinsey Institute of Indiana University have investigated the question of how often people in different age groups have sex. The Kinsey Institute has been dealing with the topics of sexuality and partnership for many years. In an extensive study, they have determined concrete figures for the average frequency of sexual intercourse. It should be noted that no distinction was made as to whether the study participants were in a committed relationship or single.

The study produced the following results:

  • Between the ages of 18 and 29: On average, people at this age have sex 2.15 times per week, or a total of about 112 times per year.
  • Between 30 and 39: People here have sex about 1.65 times a week, or a total of about 86 times a year.
  • From the age of40: From the age of 40, people have sex about 69 times per year, or a weekly average of about 1.33 times.

The most beautiful secondary matter in the world - sex in hard numbers

At some point in their lives, many people come to a point where they take a closer look at their own sexual behavior. Have you ever asked yourself whether you are having too much or too little sex? The starting point is quite different for many people. A single person who has sex almost every day might wonder if he is even addicted to sex, a couple that has been married for several years and has children might wonder if it is too little if they only have sex once a month. So, in order to better assess your own situation, a general average is very helpful - for this you have already read above the first figures for most age groups.

The results above show quite clearly that sexual activity decreases with age. So it is indeed normal, if you are already a bit older, and if you have children, that your sexual activity decreases. However, if you think: "I'm already 41 and I sleep with my girlfriend almost every day! - Is there something wrong with me?" Don't panic! There's another approach to determining how much sex per week you average.

The longer your relationship, the less the sex

Leaving age aside for a moment, it turns out that the length of the relationship also has a crucial impact on how often you have sex on average. A newly in love couple, for example, differs significantly from one that has been married for several years.

Overall, there are three phases:

  • Heavily in love: n this phase, which lasts about 18 - 24 months, it is quite common to have sex every day. Both feel the unbridled emotions and can hardly keep their hands off each other. In couples who have been together for a short time, the mutual desire is usually still very strong. However, if this is different for you, you don't have to worry yet: The frequency of sex at the beginning of a relationship says nothing about the further course, there are always enough other influences that can lead to more or less desire for sex!
  • Established relationships: In this phase, the most important thing is that both partners are satisfied with the situation. Even if the frequency of sex decreases over time and falls to an average of once or twice a week, you don't have to worry. It doesn't say anything about the quality of your relationship. If you feel balanced and sexually fulfilled as a couple, all is well. However, if your desire is different, or you are dissatisfied, you should talk to each other. It's still best to find new ways together to rekindle the old fire! If you feel uncomfortable as a man for example with condoms, this could also be due to the wrong condom size and is quite easy to fix. Also, sometimes it is enough to use an exciting lubricant gel during sex.
  • Married couples with children: If you have been married for a long time and have already brought children into the world, this also has an effect on the frequency of sex. 30 percent of couples then have sex on average once or twice a week. 45 percent even say they have sex only about once a week.

Is there such a thing as too much sex?

As long as you feel good, there is no such thing as "too much" sex. But as soon as this no longer applies, you could have a case of sex addiction. The uncontrollable urge for sex - so-called hypersexuality - has been considered a disease for some years now and can be an absolute torture for those affected. They can no longer really enjoy sex and are therefore often no longer capable of a normal love relationship. The entire life is determined only by the desire to sleep with someone. The respective partner is often seen as a means to an end to satisfy the addiction. In such a case, professional help should be sought in any case!

Statistics and their significance

Whenever we talk about statistics we would like to give you a little hint: Numbers are only numbers. There are many people who - in one way or another - deviate significantly from the average values and are perfectly satisfied with them. It is not important to be average or normal, but that you feel good.

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